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Buffet Party

Providing full service catering to schools & events in South Florida


The best food catering company you will ever use! We provide full service catering for Schools and Events in the South Florida area. We offer a wide range of menu and service options to satisfy your guests or students, from delivered meals to on-site catering. 

With the quality of our freshly made meals, we will leave your guests or students feeling happy, satisfied and smiling. You can help bring higher productivity at your school with healthy handmade food that provides real nutrients required for young growing adults. Call us today and schedule.

School Catering Services

  • Full Service School Catering

  • Onsite Cafeteria Management

  • Customized Menu Planning

Event Catering Services

  • Full Service Event Catering

  • Corporate and Special Event

  • Customized Menu Items

Buffet Table
Catering Service

We provide event catering services in South Florida for corporate events, private events, company and holiday parties, weddings, birthdays and much more.

With our customized menu planning and professionally trained staff, we take the guesswork out of even the most elaborate party, or classiest corporate event. No matter the size of your party, we can handle the event.

We are up-to-date with the latest food trends and prepare everything by hand using quality ingredients at exceptional prices you can afford.

Kid Eating Meal

We provide school catering services in South Florida for charter schools, private schools, public schools, education centers and training facilities.

From freshly-made delivered meals to full service school catering and onsite cafeteria management, our wide range of menu and service options leave students and staff members feeling satisfied and coming back for more.

Our menu selection will help empower your students by providing delicious and nutritious food that helps create a productive academic environment.

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